3D Spacer Fabrics

Our 3D Spacer Fabrics are available in two different thicknesses and hardnesses.
They are an alternative to the commonly used foam or felt on ironing tables.
At most applications you can switch off the heating of the ironing table which saves energy cost
and improves your carbon footprint.
Additional advantages are the constantly smooth surface which makes the ironing very convenient,
excellent permeability and durable elasticity combined with good steam and pressure distribution.

+ best permeability of all current paddings
+ energy cost saving because you can switch off the electrical heating at many applications
+ durable elastic
+ steam diffusing
+ excellent pressure distribution
+ good heat resistance
+ constantly smooth surface which makes the ironing very convenient
+ hard quality for underpressing
+ soft quality for finishing

Polyester-needlefelt V 264

3D Spacer Fabric, hard

for underpressing

6 mm

Length of rolls:
+/-  40 meters

140 cm

Used at underpressing as a hard padding with smooth textile surface.

Polyester-sandwich-felt V 260

3D Spacer Fabric, soft

for finishing

10 mm

Length of rolls:
+/- 50 meters

155 cm

Used at finishing as a soft padding.