Accessories and spare parts


Below you will find high quality spare parts and accessories which are supplied by VOMATEX.
Most of them are intended for ironing tables, presses and fusing machines.

For steam hoses, vacuum exhausting hoses, insulation tubes and fittings please go to the "hoses" page.

In case you require different materials please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cleaning of the upper
PTFE transport belt


Cleaning of upper PTFE Transport Belts

Cleaning of the lower
PTFE transport belt


Cleaning of lower PTFE Transport Belts

For PTFE transport belts

Rollax cleaning powder

cleaning powder


Removes adhesive residue, prevents from further sticking and preserves the operation surface of fusing presses, irons and transport belts of fusing machines made of PTFE coated fabrics.

Rollax contains silicone which in few cases may delaminate the connection of the PTFE with the inside fabric. This only happens if the PTFE surface is defect or when the powder is used at a cutted edge. On the other hand silicone is excellent for protecting the PTFE surface.

RE Fix

RE Fix
cleaning powder


Removes adhesive residue, prevents from further sticking and preserves the operation surface of fusing presses, irons and transport belts of fusing machines made of PTFE coated fabrics.

The RE Fix powder does not contain silicone!

KanFix-Plus cleaning powder

cleaning powder


Due to the bad cost / profit ratio we do not sell KANFIX-PLUS at the moment.

Please ask for the equivalent RE Fix cleaning powder.

Knitted cotton hose for cleaning

Knitted Cotton Hose

used like gloves for cleaning

Especially for use with the cleaning powders at fusing machine transport belts made of PTFE coated fabrics.

Temperature control paper stripes

Temperature control paper stripes

available in many different temperature scales

Temperature control stripes are chemical reacting paper thermometers used at fusing machines and presses.

More information please find at the bottom of this page.

Care and cleaning

Silicone Spray, PTFE Spray, Antistatic Spray

Silicone Spray
PTFE Spray
Antistatic Spray

each 400 ml content

Silicone spray prevents surfaces from sticking and preserves them.

Used on:
- transport belts for fusing machines made of PTFE coated fabrics,
- surfaces of fusing presses
- metal plates of irons
PTFE spray makes surfaces smooth
- fabrics will slide better, e.g. on cutting tables.
- Little scrapes on transport belts made of PTFE coated fabric can be repaired.
(Bigger scrapes can be repaired with self-adhesive PTFE coated glass fabric.)
Antistatic-spray avoids static electricity at artificial (plastic) surfaces.

Design of spray cans may change without prior notice.

Decap-Fer iron cleaning stick


iron cleaning sticks

Decap-Fer removes adhesive residue and preserves the surface of irons.

How to use Decap-Fer:
1. Heat iron to 145° - 150° C (= 295° - 305° F).
2. Carefully apply the Decap-Fer to the metal plate of the iron and let it melt some seconds.
3. Then rub the iron on a rough, dry tissue. To free the holes give steam.
4. At very strong dirt repeat step 2 and 3 until the iron is clean and smooth.

Quantity: Boxes with 10 sticks

Ez-Off cleanser for hot metal surfaces

Ez-Off cleanser

 for hot metal surfaces

Ez-Off removes starch, scorch, soil and foreign residue from all hot metal surfaces. It is safe for metals, fabrics and skin and it is non-flammable.

Steel cleaning pads

Steel Cleaning Pads

big size - about 15 x 15 x 4 cm

If you need to remove persistent dirt from metal surfaces.

Accessories for irons

PTFE Teflon iron shoes Type A,  with aluminium frame

Iron shoes Type A

made of PTFE, with aluminium frame

Fitting shoes for almost every
industrial iron e.g.:
Veit, Brisay, macpi, Krapf, Sussman, Naomoto, Trevil, Hoffman, test, Lemm, Ironmaster, Ghidini ...

PTFE Teflon iron shoes Type C, without frame

Iron Shoes Type C

made of PTFE, without frame

Fitting shoes for all irons.
Supplied with a pair of springs for easy fitting.

Stainless steel iron shoes

Stainless steel iron shoes

with inlets for improved steam diffusion

Many different types available.

Silicone rubber iron rest

Silicone iron rest

250 x 150 x 5 mm
with frame

Standard size suiting almost every standard industrial iron.

Electro cables for irons

Perlon cord, 3 mm diameter

Silicone electro cable

6-core, blue

For irons
Resists high temperature
Very flexible

Core diameters:
4 x 0.75 mm²
+ 2 x 0.22 mm²

Silicone electro cable, red, 4-core

Silicone electro cable

4-core, red

For irons
Resists high temperature

Core diameters:
4 x 1.0 mm²

Accessories for ironing

PTFE coated glass fabric, permeable

PTFE coated glass fabric
brown, permeable

100 cm wide

Permeable, stiff and easy sliding fabric.
Easily to cut to patterns for ironing pockets.

AERO hard fleece

AERO Hard Fleece

100 cm wide

You can cut it to
- inlets for iron shoes
- patterns for ironing pockets

Fixing and glueing

Perlon cord, 3 mm diameter

Perlon cord

3 mm diameter

This braided cord is used to fix ironing covers to machines.

For Aramid (Nomex®) covers please use Aramid cord as it provides the same excellent heat resistance.

Aramid cord, 2 mm diameter

Aramid cord

2 mm diameter

This braided cord is used to fix high quality ironing covers made of heat resistant  Aramid (Nomex®) fabrics to ironing tables or presses.

Silicone paste E 41

Silicone paste E 41

Tubes of 90 ml

Heat resistant glue,
up to 250°C

Used to fix silicone paddings
like Vau-Sik or VOMAPOR
to the metal surface of the machine.

Nomex sewing yarn NM 40/3

Nomex sewing yarn NM 40/3

Heat resistant up to 250°C

Rolls of 400 m length

Temperature control paper stripes

Temperature control paper stripes

Temperature control stripes are chemical reacting paper thermometers. Reaching the printed temperature, the indicator changes its colour from light grey to black. Because the change is irreversible the stripes can be used as a proof for the reached temperature.
The paper is very thin to allow a quick heating. Thus the response time of the indicator is less than 1 sec. which is especially important at short pressing times. The accuracy of the measurement is at +/- 1% of the printed values.
The use of temperature control paper stripes is very easy. For example during fusing you put the stripes between fabric and interlining with the indicator side of the stripes to the fabric. Now fuse as you are used to do. After opening the press you slightly tear the fabric and the interlining apart in order to pull the stripe out. You now can read the maximum temperature from the coloured indicators.
It is important to protect the stripes against moisture and dirt to get exact results. For this reason we recommend to leave the stripes in the plastic bags in which they are delivered.
If they are kept cool and dry they can be stored for nearly unlimited time.

Available in different temperature scales:

  • Type 0                               41 - 49 - 60 - 71 - 82 - 93 - 99 - 104 °C        8 measure points
  • Type 0.1                   82 - 88 - 93 - 99 - 104 - 110 - 116 - 121 - 127 °C        9 measure points
  • Type 1                       104 - 110 - 116 - 121 - 127 - 132 - 138 - 143 °C         8 measure points
  • Type 1.1          127 - 132 - 138 - 143 - 149 - 154 - 160 - 166 - 171 °C        9 measure points
  • Type 2                     143 - 149 - 154 - 160 - 166 - 171 - 177 - 182 °C        8 measure points
  • Type 3                    182 - 188 - 193 - 199 - 204 - 210 - 216 - 224 °C        8 measure points
  • Type 4                    210 - 216 - 224 - 232 - 241 - 249 - 254 - 260 °C        8 measure points