Most textiles in this section were originally intended as final covers on ironing tables, clothing presses and fusing machines but can also be used on different machines where heat and steam resistance are important.
In the beginning of industrial ironing the machines were furnished with several cotton and wool fabrics. But due to its need for frequent changing caused by the low heat resistance there is only one Cotton blossom cover left in our range of products.
It is mainly used on ironing tables if you require a cheap cover, e.g. when ironing changing clothing with different colours which requires a frequent change of the textile cover to avoid the transfer of colour pigments.

Cotton is almost totally being replaced by textiles made of artificial fibres like Polyester (e.g. Trevira®) and Polyamid (Nylon, PA) which offer better physical properties at a comparable price. Since the demand for high temperature pressing and the need to extend the replacement interval became more relevant, factories are turning to even more heat resistant and durable textiles made of V-Max Aramid (Nomex®, Conex®) and PTFE (Teflon®).

The standard final cover for ironing velvet fabrics is the VOMAT bristle cover M III which is also available with a back of V-Max Aramid-needlefelt called VOMAT bristle cover M 300 NO making it more heat resistant and easy to fix on upper press plates. The needle like Polyester bristles prevent from shine and give the desired rough finish to the clothing. The VOMAT bristle cover has been invented by VOMATEX in 1972 when it replaced the expensive metal needle plates.

For shaped presses we recommend to use Nylon-Stretch as elastic final cover or the new heat resistant V-Max Aramid-Stretch.
Frames on presses especially on double leg trouser presses are furnished with Multi-Stretch. There are different qualities of Multi-Stretch available. If you do not know which type you are using please send us a small sample and we will be glad to submit you an offer.

For fusing presses and other machines having problems with sticky glue residue we offer silicone coated fabrics and a very special PTFE fabric. Further glue repellent materials which are not as flexible as above fabrics can be found at the PTFE (Teflon®) section.

If you are looking for a heat resistant insulation fabric for the back of your machines please take a look at our Thermo glass fabric with aluminium coating.

For some clothing it is better to use wire screen mesh as final cover or you put the garment directly on the V-Max Aramid-needlefelt V 249 in order to preserve the natural look for example of cashmere coats.

Stretchable Fabrics

Stretchable Fabrics

Plain Fabrics

Standard Plain Fabrics

Wire screen mesh

Wire screen mesh

PTFE (Teflon®) coated fabrics

PTFE/Teflon® coated fabrics


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